Mummy & me photo session

Mummy & me photo sessions are here !!

Why not celebrate this day with some timeless portraits of your family.


The bond between a mum and her child/children is one of the most special in the world !

but if you are like me you will notice that you are always the one behind the camera and don’t seem to have any photos of you and your children.

We get reminded every day that every moment in life is precious so why not hold on to that moment through a portrait session.

Give yourself a mother’s day gift that will keep on giving and last you a lifetime. Get pampered, get your hair done, nails done, have a good night sleep and come and have some fun in our studio. No matter where you are in life or where your children are in life it is always a perfect time to capture a moment between a mum and a child

It does not matter if you are a mum and your little ones are young or old, of if you want to schedule this session for you and your mum.. we will make this session work for you.


Happy Mother’s Day !  ( Just a wee bit  early…but shouldn’t it be Happy Mother’s Day every day??

Looking for a newborn model..

Due to more training and new props that need to be tested out we are now on a search for a newborn model, ideally between age 5-11 days on the 27th of march 2017.

So if you are due around this date or you know someone who is, get in touch !

Email us for more info on