Newborn training

Last sunday i packed my bag to spend the night in Elgin, getting ready for some newborn training the next day in Banff.

Tracy willis was waiting for all the girls to arrive to take our newborn posing to the next level and brush up on some techniques.

We had 2 gorgeous models, baby Orla and baby Rhys.
We watched how Tracy choose the set up for the day and how she plans her session and work flow.We went through every step of how Tracy would do a newborn session at her studio. We were shown how to soothe and settle the wee ones, how to wrap, pose and to understand them.
Tracy also went through the light and what angles are best to shoot from as well as the transitioning between poses and set ups to keep baby happy.
We learned about safety and at the end we got to see some editing in lightroom and photoshop.

All in all a very productive and interesting day!
My head was so full with information from that day that i decided to put all the new information into practice, so along came baby Rhea to my studio the next day ( thank you to mum and dad for coming to the studio)

These are the images of the training day in Banff, credit goes to tracy willis for posing and lighting, i took the image and edited them. (images of baby Rhea in my home studio are still to come)