Newborn baby posing training by Karen

Last weekend I packed my bag to go to Aberdeen, getting ready for some newborn training with karen.

I am always looking to improve myself and I am a firm believer in learning and growing.I met Karen last year and love her work so I decided to ask her to give me some 1-2-1 training.
I was delighted when she agreed and it was a good excuse to visit the family in law 😉

I Have been on training before but this was a more personal training as Karen looked at my previous galleries en knew exactly what I needed to change.

She then focused on those changes but also included some useful business tips and tips on flow posing,  new angles, light technique etc.

I felt my head was so full at the end of the day and I needed to process it all. Looking back I have learned so much and hoping to put it into practice soon.

These are the images of the training day, credit goes to Karen will for posing and set up, I took these images and did the editing.