Giving to Tiny tickers

Good morning everyone,

I am not good at writing blogs but wanted to give you more information about this amazing charity I wanted to give to this year.

If we are healthy and life is good we take our health for granted. I had a massive shock to my system last year when we found out my mum has a rare heart condition that is also genetic.

For almost a whole year I was worried for my mum, my sisters and myself. My mum got diagnosed and one of my sisters so that worry will never go away for them and for me.

My other sister still has to wait for the outcome and I had my test after about 9-10 months of waiting and the outcome was negative. Off course I was relieved but I was also amazed at how this condition does not have any symptoms and how everyone can just have this without realising !

This story aside  you know I work with newborns every single week and love love love every single one of them. They are so small and vulnerable and each and one of them deserve the best start in life !

This is how I stumbled upon a article in the newspaper from tiny tickers. It was about a wee boy with a heart condition and because of tiny tickers they discovered this sooner rather then later and the wee baby boy is now totally fine and healthy !

These 2 stories combined I wanted to give back to something so close to my heart and choose to donate a little amount of every halloween and christmas shoot I do this year and give it to tiny tickers.

I am a big believer in every little helps and a big believer in if everyone gave only £1 to a good cause the world would be that little bit better.

If you are interested go and have a read on the page, they do amazing things. it is all in the uk and they are looking to come up to scotland !

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