My studio and hygiene

A little but important post about my studio and how i work to keep everything squeeky clean.

I know if you are a first time mum or already have kids it is so important for you not to worry about hygiene if you go out and about. You will of course because, let’s be honest… who doesn’t ? Since I had my wee boy I always carry hand gel in my bag and wet wipes . I do hope this post will put your mind to ease and if you do have more questions you can always contact me.

These 2 aspects are high on my list of my business and very important to me : Hygiene and safety.

Today I want to focus on the hygiene part of how I clean everything before and after every session. I am sticking with my usual fastidious hygiene practices and will explain them to you.

For ANY session I do the same thing.

BEFORE a session I will clean my whole studio. I will dust everything and give it a good hoover and then I will move on to clean all my surfaces and the baby station with dettol and the baby mat will have a fresh cover.

The bathroom gets a good clean with bathroom cleaner and bleach every time before I have a session and fresh towels are put out for every session and washed after.

AFTER any session I will hoover again and will focus more on surfaces so I will wipe them again with dettol and I will also focus on my baby station by washing the baby mat cover and giving the unit a good clean.

I will also gather all the toys I use in the studio during the session (sitter sessions and upwards) and sanitize them.

I  wash all the wraps and fabric backdrops after every session at 60 degrees.

as for my personal hygiene I always have hand gel in my studio and use this a few times during the session when I feel it is needed ( newborn shoot).

I also wash my hands thoroughly before every session and after every session. When I do use a tissue for my nose I will tell mum and dad to excuse me to go and wash my hands after disposing my tissue.

ON TOP OF THIS I also deepclean my studio when needed and give the carpet a good deepclean and go into every nook and cranny of my wee studio.

covid 19

In accordance with public hygiene advice we will be using frequent and thorough hand washing over hand gel.
I have not changed my cleaning routine as I feel that I am always very good with my hygiene and do all I can.

I will however start using dettol on my doorhandles (front door-bathroom door- studio door) to make even more sure these are all germ-free 😉

Having said all this I have looked up the latest news on the virus and it seems it is still not in the highlands so I hope this puts your mind to rest a bit more.