#moobythefrontdoor – family lockdown photo & support small businesses

Hi Everyone,

This idea came from a photographer in the US and is called frontstepproject.I customized the name to suit our village to #moobythefrontdoor !

so my project is called #moobythefrontdoor

The 2 main reasons I am doing this are :

1 – To gift you a  family photo not only to remember you of this time and where you were / lived but also to put a smile on your face

2 – most importantly is the goal to raise awareness for us small businesses

I know it is a hard time for everyone but I feel that we small businesses really have to put up a fight to keep going. Although a lot of us are closed there is still some ways you can help !

     * Help out by liking and sharing posts on social media from us.

     * Help out by buying a gift voucher to gift to someone or for yourself to use in the future.

     * Help out by not forgetting about us and keep talking about us to your friends and keep using our services, even if you cant now make sure you do in the future when we are all ready for you again.

If you are interested in a free family photo in front of your house please get in touch ! I will be 3 meters away from you and keep in mind that I am doing this during my 1 hour exercise a day. I am also in lockdown and don’t want to break any rules but I felt that without breaking any rules I can still make people happy and help the small businesses.
That is also the reason I can only take photos in muir of ord at the moment.


I also want to mention :  Muir of Ord Development Trust and Moo Food are providing a link to those in the community that need help or support. This can be providing a volunteer to get shopping, pick up a prescription, source food, or even have a blether on the phone. People can get in touch to request some support through the usual Hub number 01463 870 588, Monday to Friday 10am-4pm or Moo Food at the weekend on 07419 129851.