Heart week at Tiny tickers

Hi Everyone !

I would normally offer you a portrait session between the 8 – 14th February to raise money for Tiny Tickers.
This year I won’t be able to but I have decided to offer something else.

You can now purchase a word photo art or a valentine’s card.

These are DIGITAL DOWNLOADS so they will be emailed into your mailbox for you to print yourself or to use online.

You can use your own photo or one that has been taken in my studio from your child(ren) !

These are £ 5 each or £ 7 for both of them.


This cute photo art will look amazing printed and put into  a A4 frame to give to your partner for valentine.
How amazing would this look in a nice frame in your home !

What do you need to do ?

Take a photo of your child and send it to me

tips :
– take the photo close by a window or outside
– see that your child(ren) are on the left of the photo and have enough space around them especially on the right of the photo.



This cute card would be amazing to give to your partner or even to the child(ren’s) grandparents.
Imagine how delighted they would be to get this through the post !

Keep in mind this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD so I will email this over to you and you can then print this as a card online.

tips :
– Most photos can be used for this card but it needs to be a landscape photo.
– You can give me the name that can go on the front of the card.




Please dm me for more info or to order yours !

About Tiny tickers :

Tiny tickers are passionate about babies and detecting any heart defects from when they are newborn.
Go to this link to read all about it : https://www.tinytickers.org/about-tiny-tickers

  • Harry’s story: Harry is a little boy from Inverness who was born with a serious heart defect. You can read his story here: https://www.tinytickers.org/2019/04/24/transposition-of-the-great-arteries-harry/ Feel free to copy and paste all/some of it into your blog and use the pictures. I’ll attach a few here.
  • Pulse oximetry: We’ve placed 6 pulse ox machines in the Highlands region – 3 at Elgin Hospital and 3 on Shetland. These machines test oxygen levels in newborn babies’ blood, and can detect heart defects. At present, pulse oximetry is not a mandatory newborn test, so we are placing the machines at maternity units throughout the UK. We’ve so far placed 180 machines across the UK
  • Training: We train the sonographers who carry out pregnancy scans to have the skills and confidence to detect heart defects. Scotland is the next region on our list (postponed already due to COVID unfortunately)
  • Family support: we support families from all over the UK who are dealing with a diagnosis of congenital heart disease, open heart surgery and other experiences related to their child’s condition.


Kind regards,