Mini first aid class

I finally have found the time to sit down and talk to you about mini first aid !

Michelle has kindly invited me to attend one of her classes and how could I say no. When I started my business I did attend a first aid class but was definitely up to refresh my memory.

When I arrived at the class it looked  very inviting and Michelle made you feel at ease immediately. Everyone was there for the same reason and it made for a nice  atmosphere. It was a 2 hour class that covered everything you need to know when you have a child. I mainly wanted to do this for 2 reasons : my business and because I also am a mum. It is important to me to know that if I ever get in a situation that needs first aid that I hopefully will refer to what I have learned on the day.

The class covered meningitis which I thought was very informative. It went on to sepsis awareness and then to burns, break and bleeding. All of these were very educational and there was a few things that I knew but forgot or that I learned which I was never aware of.

It then went on to CPR, now this bit made me a bit anxious. I wasn’t aware it was actually quite hard to hear/see. It is the thought of performing CPR on someone. Michelle showed us how to do CPR followed by you having a try on the dummy if you wanted to. I tried it and it is scary how hard you have to push on someone’s chest. when we all discussed this Michelle gave us a reminder that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

she said ” this is the worst case scenario, if you ever have to do this then just do it and go for it. you cannot make it any worse ! you can only hope you make it better. if they have broken ribs due to your CPR, they will heal ”

It made so much sense! you will do anything if that is your last chance and what are a few broken ribs compared to the alternative !

At the end we went on to choking. Now this is a big one right?  How many times as a mum have you given your child food that they hoover up so quickly that they forget to chew ? It is scary and it gets to you every time when you see your child choking ! It is so nice to know what to do if you ever get into that situation, that you know you have full confidence to keep calm and help.

I would 100 % recommend this class if you are pregnant, have a child or even babysit someone’s children.  It give your the confidence to help others when they need it. I feel it should be almost mandatory for any carer or parent.

I ended up purchasing  the  mini first aid kit, I did have one already but it was nowhere near as kitted out as this one. this one now stays in the studio with me for whenever I need it !

Thank you Michelle for having me ! you are made for this job and not only educated us about what is important but also made us feel welcome.

Mini first aid information :



– Astrid