Twinklecottage – Lifestyle product photography

Twinklecottage wax melts

I was so excited and happy when Beci from twinklecottage contacted me to work with her and make some amazing lifestyle product photo’s of her wax melts.

I have been massive fan of her wee business since the beginning and always purchase  wax melts from her as they not only leave the most amazing scent throughout my home but also because she is just such an amazing person and what a business brain she got !

We chatted back and forth about how she saw her vision of this photo shoot and we shared a pinterest board to keep each other right. With a cup of tea in my hand and a notebook in front of me, my brain went into overdrive with all the different cosy set ups I wanted to create.

This is my first lifestyle product session and I fell in love ! Lockdown has been tough and we also have to deal with other struggles, so when this  amazing opportunity came to me I just had to grab is with both hands.

Just these amazing products, my studio and me….

being creative for 2 full on days, I felt that fire in my belly again and my passion for creativity and I was hauling my light throughout my home making my whole home my studio for the perfect set up.

Now it is time for you to put your feet up, get the fire on ( since it is snowing in April ? ) and get a nice hot cup of tea. Read through my blog and enjoy these images I created. You can also do a bit of shopping if you are looking for waxmelts, I cannot recommend them enough and have put all the links to amazon below for you, just click on the images to go to amazon.


Laundry days 

Scents include
Washing Line
Fresh Bedding
Clean Cotton
Soap Suds


Fruity & Tropical 

Scents included –
Tropical Watermelon x 2
Raspberry & Rhubarb x 2
Pineapple Perfection x 2
Tropical Crush x 2
Mango & Lime x 2
Strawberry & Lime x 2

Assorted hearts 

Scents included –
Pineapple & Coconut
Parma Violets
Creamy Coconut
Seville Orange
Fizz & Roses
Banana Nut Bread
Baby Powder
Black Cherry
Juicy Apple


The perfume box

Scents include

The designer box

Scents include
Blush Pink Peony
Thai Lime & Mango

Unicorn dreams 

Scents included –
Over the Rainbow x 2
Starlight x 2
Unicorn Dreams x 2
Unicorn Kisses x 2
Fantasy x 2
Magical x 2

Assorted stars 

Scents included –
Bakewell Tart
Clean Cotton
Magnolia Cherry
Sea Breeze
Candy Floss
White Musk

Clean & Fresh

Scents include
Sweet Pea & Cherry Blossom
Fushia Passion
Strawberry & Lilly
Soft Towels

The classic box 

Scents include
Pomegranate Black
English Pear & Fressia
Lime Basil & Mandarin

Stay cosy, stay safe






Outdoor sessions opening date

Family photo sessions…

I know how important they are to you, my customers.

I can start my outdoor sessions on the 5th April 2021 !!!!

It is a scary thing, meeting with a new photographer and bringing your whole family for a family session. Some families do not think this might be a fun family day out.
We mums ( and some dads ;)) worry too much about these things.

What if my children misbehave ?

What if the photo’s don’t look nice ?
What if it rains ?
What if I don’t know what to wear ?
What if we all feel uncomfortable ?
What if we all fake smile in the photo’s ?

We mums are not only worrying but like to judge ourselves a bit too much :

What if I don’t look good?
What if I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to loose before the session ?
What if…
What if….

These are a lot of negative questions that might go through your head.
Know that this is my job and I can and will answer all these questions for you if you talk to me.

Please remember that you are beautiful and that you are enough on the day of the session !

You do not need to loose weight or worry about how you look.
Remember you are doing this for your family !

Your children will have these photo’s when they are older and will not judge you on your weight or how you look. They will remember that fun day out and they will remember an amazing mum and dad and a lot of love !
I want you and your family to feel like yourself on the day.
I do everything I can to get those real smiles and let you kids play around and also get that nice family portrait.
Your kids will not misbehave and if they do…  they might be secretaly telling me they are bored and I need to up my game ;).
Your outfits? talk to me if you are unsure and I will happily help you !
Send me photo’s and we can have a wee chat about your outfit.
Turn your what if’s around to positivity :
What if we have a fun day ?
What if everyone behaves ?
What if we have amazing images to hang up in our family home ?
What if we are all confident in ourselves ?
Amazing things happen when you turn your negative thoughts in to positive thoughts.
Have fun preparing for your shoot.
I always get excited choosing outfits for my family when we have a session.
I also get happy thinking of locations and what it will look like.
Most of all I get excited what fun and laughter we will have as probably one of us will fall or so something silly during the shoot.
I love knowing that I did the best I can to make those images for you to display in your home.
I love it when I know they will be on your walls for years to come and that I was a part of that.
I love hearing how they make you feel when you see them every single day or even when you see them for the first time here in the studio.
Message me if you would like a family photo session for you and your family. It is not only the end product that counts, it is the experience.

Heart week at Tiny tickers

Hi Everyone !

I would normally offer you a portrait session between the 8 – 14th February to raise money for Tiny Tickers.
This year I won’t be able to but I have decided to offer something else.

You can now purchase a word photo art or a valentine’s card.

These are DIGITAL DOWNLOADS so they will be emailed into your mailbox for you to print yourself or to use online.

You can use your own photo or one that has been taken in my studio from your child(ren) !

These are £ 5 each or £ 7 for both of them.


This cute photo art will look amazing printed and put into  a A4 frame to give to your partner for valentine.
How amazing would this look in a nice frame in your home !

What do you need to do ?

Take a photo of your child and send it to me

tips :
– take the photo close by a window or outside
– see that your child(ren) are on the left of the photo and have enough space around them especially on the right of the photo.



This cute card would be amazing to give to your partner or even to the child(ren’s) grandparents.
Imagine how delighted they would be to get this through the post !

Keep in mind this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD so I will email this over to you and you can then print this as a card online.

tips :
– Most photos can be used for this card but it needs to be a landscape photo.
– You can give me the name that can go on the front of the card.




Please dm me for more info or to order yours !

About Tiny tickers :

Tiny tickers are passionate about babies and detecting any heart defects from when they are newborn.
Go to this link to read all about it :

  • Harry’s story: Harry is a little boy from Inverness who was born with a serious heart defect. You can read his story here: Feel free to copy and paste all/some of it into your blog and use the pictures. I’ll attach a few here.
  • Pulse oximetry: We’ve placed 6 pulse ox machines in the Highlands region – 3 at Elgin Hospital and 3 on Shetland. These machines test oxygen levels in newborn babies’ blood, and can detect heart defects. At present, pulse oximetry is not a mandatory newborn test, so we are placing the machines at maternity units throughout the UK. We’ve so far placed 180 machines across the UK
  • Training: We train the sonographers who carry out pregnancy scans to have the skills and confidence to detect heart defects. Scotland is the next region on our list (postponed already due to COVID unfortunately)
  • Family support: we support families from all over the UK who are dealing with a diagnosis of congenital heart disease, open heart surgery and other experiences related to their child’s condition.


Kind regards,


Covid-19 changes

Changes to keep us all safe


As a photographer working in our community it is essential for me to help and minimize the spread of any infection.

I have always operated a clean studio policy but now have introduced some new protocols to meet the government guidelines to protect you & me.

As a small business I have been hit by the pandemic and am happy to slowly get back to work. I can only do this with your cooperation.


1 ) Social distancing

Where possible we will conform with government guidelines on social distancing, I will email/chat with you to talk you through the session so you know what to expect.


2) Sanitizing station

There will be a station at the entrance of the studio as well as in the studio itself.


3) Feeling unwell

If you feel unwell do not come to the studio for your session. Let me know as soon as possible so I can reschedule your appointment for you.


4) Minimal shoots

I will allow only one customer per day and I will allow 24 hours between each session to give myself time to sanitize and deep clean everything.


5) Changing facilities

This will be cleaned and washed in between sessions.


6) payment

Cash payment won’t be accepted just now but you can always pay by online banking.


7 ) Masks & Gloves

I will have masks and gloves in the hallway for you to use during the session. I will also wear a mask and will wash my hands thoroughly before, during and after every session.


8 ) Questions

Before every session we will ask you how you are feeling and if you had any symptoms of covid-19 in the last 14days.

If you do have any more questions or are unsure about anything, please feel free to contact me  07944502417

#moobythefrontdoor – small businesses

First of all thank you to everyone who has joined #moobythefrontdoor.

I loved meeting  you and your family so much!

This project has meant more to me then you might realize.

It meant that I kept my sanity throughout lockdown by still seeing and meeting all of you and having a wee chat. It meant that I can help other small businesses and myself to make you aware that we are still here . It meant that I could give you a small gift of giving you a family photo in this crazy time.

I am a small business and I know that it might not seem that I can make a difference on my own but having done over 50 families and asking them to buy from a small business in the future is for me a small win. If those 50 + families then also start talking about the business they bought from and so on…. that means I did my job and made you guys aware of me, my business and other businesses around us that we might not always see.

I hope you are all still safe and sound and following the guidelines as it will only get better from here on out.
I am now stopping my project due to be able to do outdoor photo sessions soon so I will focus on getting some plans together for the future of my business.

I want to thank each and one of you who has shopped local and especially the ones that have supported me throughout my journey. I have had such amazing gifts from you that really touched me and all of you that bought a print and also bought gift vouchers…I just can’t thank you enough. It means the world to me and my family and I will keep pushing myself to provide you the best service I can give you.

For all the latest news follow me on : 


                                                                            youtube channel : astrid little bird photography


I will pop down the list of the small businesses below for your interest.

(There are many more but these are the ones I have put in so far)


* The black isle dairy :

* Milkbar inverness :

* Bad girl bakery :

* Highland farm cafe :

* Black isle veg boxes  :

* Robertsons farm shop beauty :

* Biagiotti beauly :

* Corner on the square beauty :

* Tanita from ladybug cakes :

* Debbie & Andrew from the chocolate place :    they also do markets on saturday during lockdown !

* Bob from the natural pig :


*  Yoga with jenn :

*  Lindsay from synergy massage therapy highland :

*  Bellafemme inverness :

* louise meraki therapies :

* juicy-ness

* nicco fitness :


*Carndaisy house

* big sky lodges muir of ord :

* sophie from exclusive travel :

* nicole has 2 b&b’s in beauly :

and :


* Laurna hislop :

* little stagies :

* babysensory kathryn :

* Kayleigh from mini first aid highlands:

* Fiona from sing and sign inverness

* children clothes :


* The vanity lounge :

* Body beautiful beauly :

* Highland aesthetics :

* Perfection by Janie :

* Patricia with the body shop :


* Flameless with kerry :

* Whitescents :

* emma with embers wood creations

* Piper on parade :

* patches corner :

* watson & carrel joinery :

* David & rachael from isight cctv & home automation :

* Bob joinery :

* Ness music :

* Mother fluffed ( face masks etc..)

#moobythefrontdoor – family lockdown photo & support small businesses

Hi Everyone,

This idea came from a photographer in the US and is called frontstepproject.I customized the name to suit our village to #moobythefrontdoor !

so my project is called #moobythefrontdoor

The 2 main reasons I am doing this are :

1 – To gift you a  family photo not only to remember you of this time and where you were / lived but also to put a smile on your face

2 – most importantly is the goal to raise awareness for us small businesses

I know it is a hard time for everyone but I feel that we small businesses really have to put up a fight to keep going. Although a lot of us are closed there is still some ways you can help !

     * Help out by liking and sharing posts on social media from us.

     * Help out by buying a gift voucher to gift to someone or for yourself to use in the future.

     * Help out by not forgetting about us and keep talking about us to your friends and keep using our services, even if you cant now make sure you do in the future when we are all ready for you again.

If you are interested in a free family photo in front of your house please get in touch ! I will be 3 meters away from you and keep in mind that I am doing this during my 1 hour exercise a day. I am also in lockdown and don’t want to break any rules but I felt that without breaking any rules I can still make people happy and help the small businesses.
That is also the reason I can only take photos in muir of ord at the moment.


I also want to mention :  Muir of Ord Development Trust and Moo Food are providing a link to those in the community that need help or support. This can be providing a volunteer to get shopping, pick up a prescription, source food, or even have a blether on the phone. People can get in touch to request some support through the usual Hub number 01463 870 588, Monday to Friday 10am-4pm or Moo Food at the weekend on 07419 129851.

My studio and hygiene

A little but important post about my studio and how i work to keep everything squeeky clean.

I know if you are a first time mum or already have kids it is so important for you not to worry about hygiene if you go out and about. You will of course because, let’s be honest… who doesn’t ? Since I had my wee boy I always carry hand gel in my bag and wet wipes . I do hope this post will put your mind to ease and if you do have more questions you can always contact me.

These 2 aspects are high on my list of my business and very important to me : Hygiene and safety.

Today I want to focus on the hygiene part of how I clean everything before and after every session. I am sticking with my usual fastidious hygiene practices and will explain them to you.

For ANY session I do the same thing.

BEFORE a session I will clean my whole studio. I will dust everything and give it a good hoover and then I will move on to clean all my surfaces and the baby station with dettol and the baby mat will have a fresh cover.

The bathroom gets a good clean with bathroom cleaner and bleach every time before I have a session and fresh towels are put out for every session and washed after.

AFTER any session I will hoover again and will focus more on surfaces so I will wipe them again with dettol and I will also focus on my baby station by washing the baby mat cover and giving the unit a good clean.

I will also gather all the toys I use in the studio during the session (sitter sessions and upwards) and sanitize them.

I  wash all the wraps and fabric backdrops after every session at 60 degrees.

as for my personal hygiene I always have hand gel in my studio and use this a few times during the session when I feel it is needed ( newborn shoot).

I also wash my hands thoroughly before every session and after every session. When I do use a tissue for my nose I will tell mum and dad to excuse me to go and wash my hands after disposing my tissue.

ON TOP OF THIS I also deepclean my studio when needed and give the carpet a good deepclean and go into every nook and cranny of my wee studio.

covid 19

In accordance with public hygiene advice we will be using frequent and thorough hand washing over hand gel.
I have not changed my cleaning routine as I feel that I am always very good with my hygiene and do all I can.

I will however start using dettol on my doorhandles (front door-bathroom door- studio door) to make even more sure these are all germ-free 😉

Having said all this I have looked up the latest news on the virus and it seems it is still not in the highlands so I hope this puts your mind to rest a bit more.

Newborn photo session – Little miss luna and big brother Riley

In November 2017 I had the total pleasure of taking newborn photos of Riley. In August this year I fell in love with Riley’s wee sister Luna . Riley became a big brother and it is amazing how in some newborn photo’s you can see the likeness !

Thank you Tanita and Martin for choosing me again to capture your new baby girl newborn photo’s, it means so much to me to know you support my business over and over again and that you will now have beautiful photos of both the kids displayed all over your home.

Personalised wooden camera – black friday deal !

Smile ! it’s black friday !
New and personalised wooden camera especially for black friday ! 
These stunning wooden cameras are great for decoration.
Made of solid wood and great for your little ones bedroom shelf!
Super cute to take photos of you wee one with this camera.
This product will last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation if take cared of.
The camera comes with any name personlised to you.
Colours available are pink, blue, grey and white.

Product varies in finish due to being a hand made product.

Please note that this is a decoration product. your wee one can play with it but adult supervision is required.