Do you instagram ?

Instagram or Facebook?

Is it  only me or are you guys also loving instagram at the moment?
I find it so much more useful to follow my friends and businesses and love browsing around for idea’s for my home, work etc…

Most of my updates about my days at work or my little customers pop up on my insta account and I must admit I am not very good with updating Facebook lately.

ok so I decided to make a brand new hashtag # called #littlebirdmoo  (moo stands for muir of ord ;))

So if you have any images taken by me that are on instagram or if I have taken images of your wee ones and you are just posting your wee one growing up on instagram I would L O V E to see them.
Also any behind the scene shots that you might have taken with your phone would be great to see ! keep posting them and pop the #littlebirdmoo behind it so I can find it :).

For those who don’t know instagram that well –  if you  search for this hashtag #littlebirmoo (see photo below) you can then follow this hashtag so I and others can see all your beautiful images on my/ their newsfeed and follow all my wee customers with their photos of my work how lovely is that !!


Once we have enough people following me and the hashtag we might do my very first instagram give away !!

So start following me on

Here is a photo of my latest updates on Instagram

thanks x


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