When is the best time to book.

We recommend that you schedule your newborn session after your 20 week scan, we will then put you on our calendar and wait for you to give us that phone call that your wee baby has arrived. Newborns get scheduled within 14 days of their life, though, the best time is between 4-7 days after their arrival. They tend to do better in the first 7 days as they will sleep a lot. Having said that we are open to any date when suitable for you as we can take photo’s of any age.


When do i best feed my baby on the day of the photo-shoot.

Most of the images we’ll be shooting work best if the baby is in a deep sleep. To encourage this we recommend that you feed baby about 2-3 hours before arriving so you can then feed him/her again just before the session starts.


Will you be handling my baby.

Yes, i will be soothing and posing your baby for the entire session. The posing i will be doing involves moving your baby in those sweet newborn poses, your baby will be unfamiliar with these poses but your baby is my top priority in safety and they will be comfortable and safe throughout the whole session. We will also be handing your baby back to you if we feel he or she needs to be with mum for some cuddles.


More questions??

Don’t worry too much about all the questions as we will have a pre-session consultation and i will be giving you  a lot of information about what will happen, what you can do and your baby, when you can view the images etc…. We are always open to more questions and will be happy to answer them. You will also be getting (once you have booked your session) a welcome pack so that you have all the information whenever you need it.



What to wear.

Coordinate but don’t match. We like to start out with a basic colour palette and go from there. It helps to have one “main person” choosing the outfit first and work from there to create the rest of the groups outfit & accessories. Go for a neutral and add a few bright colours or try a softer palette that has different tonal ranges of the same shade. Create interest by using textures and layers (think material, scarfs, tweed, crochet, embroidery, lace,ribbons etc..). We like to try and avoid logos, graphics, labels etc. These tend to be distracting and will date a photo quickly (who wants people to notice the nike logo before the adorable little child’s smile?)


How long and where will a session take.

These sessions usually last about 1 hour either in studio or outdoor, this is a choice entirely up to you, if you like to have an outdoor photo shoot but are stuck for idea’s let me know as we have a list with locations to choose from. I can travel taking in to account that travel expenses will apply starting from 15 miles from the home studio.



What to bring/expect.

This is usually booked for a 1st or 2nd birthday and we will start of with some portrait photo’s, then comes the cake/cupcakes/ice cream and your wee one will be able to go wild and make a mess !

We have different backdrops and idea’s that can be discussed at time of booking,  feel free to bring your own decorations if you have something special.

You can bring your own outfit, a jeans for boys is always very cute and a nice skirt for girls. Don’t forget to tell us how it looks so we can decorate accordingly. You might want to wear some old clothes for all the mess as we will ask you to attend to your  toddler as they are so mobile and we are at the end of the day in a studio with backdrops and lighting so this would be for the toddler’s safety.

At the end of the session we will give your wee one a nice warm bubble bath in a tin bath so i can take some more photos.

The session will last about 45min – 1 hour.