Mini newborn session – Little miss Thea

When Erin contacted me to do a mini newborn session for Thea I felt happiness and sadness at the same time. Thea has a twin brother Connall who was still born.

Being a mum myself it broke my heart! When I think about loosing my child I feel a knot in my stomach and a pain I never felt before and this is only a thought for me.  For  Thea’s mum and dad it is the reality.  They have had twins and are filled with happiness for Thea and grieving for Connall. All they wanted was 2 healthy babies and I feel such sadness for them and am amazed how strong they are and how they are coping.

Thea made me smile throughout her session and she is the most content and happiest baby every. Mum also brought in Connalls ashes and we took some photos of them together.

I was relieved to hear that mum really opens up about what she went through. I find that talking helps us so much and I was more than happy to listen and to hear all about her 2 beautiful twin babies.

It is so important to raise awareness about this as it helps so many mums. I cant imagine what mums go through when they have a still born baby but I do know that we can all help each other and listen to each other.

Erin has also kindly send me some links as we also just lost someone dear in our family and she pointed out this link to me that is very useful :

If you are going through the same as Erin please reach out to someone in the same situation or talk to someone that is in your support system. Here is also a useful link with lots of information ;

Inverness Raigmore should be rolling out the purple butterfly symbol from the Skye High Foundation. If you choose to use it a card will be placed in your babys cot bed to let staff know that your baby is a twin. have a look on this link for more information ;

Here are a few words from Thea’s mum :

When we found out I was pregnant with twins I couldn’t wait to take them for a newborn photoshoot. Heartbreakingly it was not to be as our son Connall was stillborn. His sister Thea is thankfully thriving and so it was with one twin, Connall’s urn and the knowledge that when one twin dies they are known as the sunset twin and the surviving twin is known as the sunrise twin that we contacted Astid.

It was such an emotional day but we are delighted with the photos of Thea, the most beautiful, content baby who helps us to face each sunrise without Connall. His presence is very much represented in a selection of the photos as is the sunset/sunrise theme.




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