New pricing and products

Let me just start with saying that life is full of surprises.
We have had some challenging years behind us and are still facing a lot of challenges just now.

It has been hard for absolutely everyone !
I am very thankful and lucky to have all of you to keep my business going.

I have reviewed my price list and have not done this for a few years so I knew it was time to change this.

I am not only talking about the pricing structure but also about new products and new packages. It gives me a boost to be able to deliver to you new, beautiful and high quality products that you can have in your family home forever !

Now bear with me as I have not been able to take photos of all of my new products but I have a new album that I now include into different packages, way more choice in frames and colours and much much more !

Some of my packages have not even gone up in price but have just changed completely! no session fee anymore and a beautiful bundle of products included into your photo session.
There is no comparing the old pricing with the new if it comes to some packages.

You know I am always open about pricing and I also wanted to address that.
I always try and keep my pricing as fair as I can for you.
I do calculate this with the work I put in, the props I need to purchase for your session, the equipment I use and of course all the yearly/monthly bills I have to pay for my business, not to mention due to the events of the last few years some of my suppliers had to up their prices which of course leads to a knock on effect for my business.

I do want you to know that I always give 100% for every job and that I know that when you book in with me that means that you are prioritising a photo shoot and the cost that comes with it.
That in itself makes me so happy since it is such an important thing to do in your life.
It is a luxury but my, oh my the best one of them all !
How would you not want to stop time to have that photo session of your kids when they grow up so quickly !

So yes, I realise you may have been saving to come to the studio and yes, I do realise you made this your priority and yes, I do realise you might of had to leave some other priorities to get this photo session done and that is why I always give my all !

I will always welcome you with a smile.
I will always make you feel at home.
I will always try and make your child smile.
I will always do the best job I can from start to finish.
I will always edit your photos with the passion I have for my job.
And I will always want to give you the best possible products that I can.

Because I know that this is important for you and your family and because I want you to have those beautiful photos hanging up in your family home.


Are you interested in the new price list and new products ?

Get in touch to find out more and I will happily keep you right.

The range of our frames have now grown ! More choices and more colours !!



Some products are still the same and we have also added a beautiful linen album to the new products. this will be photographed soon for you to see !!
A new design of our portrait album is also in the making and will be revealed soon !

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