Outdoor sessions opening date

Family photo sessions…

I know how important they are to you, my customers.

I can start my outdoor sessions on the 5th April 2021 !!!!

It is a scary thing, meeting with a new photographer and bringing your whole family for a family session. Some families do not think this might be a fun family day out.
We mums ( and some dads ;)) worry too much about these things.

What if my children misbehave ?

What if the photo’s don’t look nice ?
What if it rains ?
What if I don’t know what to wear ?
What if we all feel uncomfortable ?
What if we all fake smile in the photo’s ?

We mums are not only worrying but like to judge ourselves a bit too much :

What if I don’t look good?
What if I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to loose before the session ?
What if…
What if….

These are a lot of negative questions that might go through your head.
Know that this is my job and I can and will answer all these questions for you if you talk to me.

Please remember that you are beautiful and that you are enough on the day of the session !

You do not need to loose weight or worry about how you look.
Remember you are doing this for your family !

Your children will have these photo’s when they are older and will not judge you on your weight or how you look. They will remember that fun day out and they will remember an amazing mum and dad and a lot of love !
I want you and your family to feel like yourself on the day.
I do everything I can to get those real smiles and let you kids play around and also get that nice family portrait.
Your kids will not misbehave and if they do…  they might be secretaly telling me they are bored and I need to up my game ;).
Your outfits? talk to me if you are unsure and I will happily help you !
Send me photo’s and we can have a wee chat about your outfit.
Turn your what if’s around to positivity :
What if we have a fun day ?
What if everyone behaves ?
What if we have amazing images to hang up in our family home ?
What if we are all confident in ourselves ?
Amazing things happen when you turn your negative thoughts in to positive thoughts.
Have fun preparing for your shoot.
I always get excited choosing outfits for my family when we have a session.
I also get happy thinking of locations and what it will look like.
Most of all I get excited what fun and laughter we will have as probably one of us will fall or so something silly during the shoot.
I love knowing that I did the best I can to make those images for you to display in your home.
I love it when I know they will be on your walls for years to come and that I was a part of that.
I love hearing how they make you feel when you see them every single day or even when you see them for the first time here in the studio.
Message me if you would like a family photo session for you and your family. It is not only the end product that counts, it is the experience.

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