It is all about the questions.. 


When is the best time to book.

Anytime from your 20 week scan. Newborns get scheduled within 6 weeks of their life.

When do I best feed my baby on the day of the photo-shoot.

Just stick to your normal routine ! When your baby needs a feed follow your babies lead/shedule. 


Will you be handling my baby.

Yes, I will be soothing and posing your baby for the entire session. The posing I will be doing involves moving your baby in those sweet newborn poses, your baby will be unfamiliar with these poses but your baby is my top priority in safety and they will be comfortable and safe throughout the whole session. I will also be handing your baby back to you if I feel he or she needs to be with mum for some cuddles.


More questions??

Don’t worry too much about all the questions as we will have a phone call consultation before the session. not only will your questions be answered but I will also explain what will happen on the day of the photo shoot.

cake smash 

What does the session include ?

This is usually booked for a 1st birthday. we will start with some portrait photo’s, then comes the cake photos and lastly the bubble bath photo’s.

We have different backdrops and idea’s that can be discussed at time of booking, feel free to bring your own decorations if you have something special.

The session will last about 45min – 1 hour.

Ask for a price list to see what products are included.

Is the cake provided ?

Yes, there will be a customised cake for your set up that will be discussed before hand.

Are the outfits provided ?

No, over the years I have noticed that everyone has such a diverse style that I do ask you to bring in your own outfits.

What do I need to Bring?

This session does require a few things that you need to Bring in. 

I.e water for the baby and some dry finger-food as well as extra clothing for baby and for yourself.

Don’t worry though as you will get an email to keep you right.

Do you offer any other shoots ?

Yes ! I do offer other shoots as well. I will list them here for you. The reason why you don’t see them on my website it because my main work is newborns and cake smash sessions. 

If you however would like another photoshoot, please get in touch and I will happily send you more info & pricing.

  • Maternity session
  • Sitter session
  • Family session
  • Mini sessions throughout the year i.e Christmas, Easter etc.

Family shoot questions :

What to wear to a family shoot.

Coordinate but don’t match. I like to start out with a basic colour palette and go from there. It helps to have one “main person” choosing the outfit first and work from there to create the rest of the groups outfit & accessories. Go for a neutral and add a few bright colours or try a softer palette that has different tonal ranges of the same shade. Create interest by using textures and layers (think material, scarfs, tweed, crochet, embroidery, lace,ribbons etc..). I like to try and avoid logos, graphics, labels etc. These tend to be distracting and will date a photo quickly (who wants people to notice the nike logo before the adorable little child’s smile?)

How long and where will a session take.

These sessions usually last about 1 hour either in studio or outdoor, this is a choice entirely up to you, if you like to have an outdoor photo shoot but are stuck for idea’s let me know as we have a list with locations to choose from. I can travel taking in to account that travel expenses will apply starting from 15 miles from the home studio.

Maternity shoot questions :

What to wear to a Maternity shoot.

Feel free to bring in your own outfit but also know that I have a few pieces in the studio ( feel free to ask me about them)

A floaty dress is always a winner or if you want your bump on show a jeans, crop top and shirt are also very timeless.

What are your safety measures ?

Safety is my top priority and always will be. This has become even more to peoples attention due to corona in 2020. The studio is cleaned and sanitised after every session as we always did. All props are disinfected and all fabrics that are used as well as outfits are washed. Indoor shoes or socks are worn at all times. If I am not well I will reschedule the appointment and vice versa if the customer is not feeling well or is sick the shoot will be rescheduled. If you have any other questions about safety please get in touch.

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